Year 2 Rabbits


Myself and Miss Vine would like to welcome you to our Year 2 SATS talk on Tuesday 24th April at 3pm. During this talk we will give you an overview of the different papers that the children are taking, the types of questions which they will be asked and how best to help your child at home. Some of the information that we will be sharing can be found on the document below. 

We looking forward to seeing you soon!

Our topic this term will be Ahoy Matey based around pirates. . We will be looking at the story of How to find Gold  where we will be writing our own instructions and also creating our own adventure stories. We will be looking at famous explorers of the past and also finding out about the 7 continents and 5 seas. 

Year 2 Rabbits Information sheet


Hello, my name is Miss Harlowe and I will be your child's class teacher in Year Two. Learning will also be supported by Miss Morris. I hope you have all had a fantastic Easter break and I look forward to hearing all about it!

 This half  term our topic is Ahoy Matey and is based around pirates and famous explorers. The 7 continents and 5 oceans in Geography and also famous explorers in history.  We will be looking at the story of How to find Gold where we will link our sentence level work to write our own instructions and stories. 

Our sentence level work this half term in Literacy will be based around using apostrophes for contractions and how we can extend our sentences by using a range of conjunctions. 

Our science focus for the half term is continuing to be animals and their habitats. We will be looking at where different animals live and why they are suited to their habitat. We also be linking our maths work to our science and drawing our own pictographs for the different animals we have found in habitats. We will also be measuring plants and reading scales such as the temperature outside on a thermometer. 

 In maths this half term we will be recapping addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in preparation for our SATS at the end of May we will also be beginning to look at fractions and finding different fractions of both shapes and numbers. The children will also be practicing their time table facts for the 2, 3, 5 and 10 times table. We will practice these daily and you could help by encouraging these at home. Questions asked at random times are best!

 Your child will have two PE lessons a week so please ensure your child has their PE kit in school. Mr Simons will teach the P.E every Thursday. Homework will be sent out on a Friday to be returned the following Thursday. As part of homework, weekly spellings will be given out, these will also be tested on the following Thursday.


We expect your child to bring their book bag and reading book to school every day. We will change the book at school once your child has finished reading it. You can help your child by them reading to you at home using their school reading book. This should be recorded in their reading record.


If you have any worries or concerns do not hesitate to contact myself or Miss Morris in the playground or you can book an appointment after school. Further information can be found on our class page on the school website: 


I look forward to an enjoyable rest of the year

Miss Harlowe and Miss Morris




How you can support your child at home

  • All children are given a book bag which needs to come into school every day. It is a good place to keep reading and spelling books and any homework
  • Reading needs to only be ten minutes each day and should be a fun and relaxing time. Don't worry about reading the whole book in one go; talk about the pictures and use different voices. 
  • Encouraging your child to learn the 2 , 5 and 10 times table in a fun way. 
  • Practice the different ways which you can make 10 and 20 e.g. 8+2 11+9.


Our library day is every Thursday. Please ensure your child has their library book in school ready to be renewed or changed. 

Spellings 23rd April

Spellings 23rd April

Homework and spellings will be sent out every Friday to be completed by the following Thursday.