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Year 6 Kestrels

Miss Desanj and I would like to welcome you to our Year 6 SATs talk on Monday 12th March at 3pm. During this talk, we will provide an overview as to what children should expect from the SATs week, how to best prepare and share information on reporting of results. Please return the slip sent home if you would like to attend. Some of the information that we will be sharing can be found on the document below. 

Year 6 will be having a mock SATs week on the week beginning 12th March. 

We look forward to seeing you there!

My name is Mrs Davey and I will be teaching Year Six; we are also very lucky to have Mr Balmer as our Teaching Assistant. On the afternoons when I am out of class, Miss Desanj will be working with the children.

This Spring, our topic is 'Secrets of the sands', a focus on the life of the ancient Egyptians. During our topic, we will learn about how people lived including homes, jobs and daily life; look at the geography of Egypt and why people chose to settle near to the Nile; research how the hierarchy system worked; create our own Egyptian artefacts and; discover the Egyptian beliefs of the afterlife. During our topic, we will take a trip to Leeds City museum to see a real life mummy and take part in a workshop on mummification!

In English, we will begin by looking at a range of Non-Fiction texts on Egypt as well as some short Egyptian myths. We will begin the year by creating adverts to persuade someone to go on holiday to Egypt, following this we will focus on writing a letter of complaint- unfortunately our holidays wont be as advertised! Additionally, will be studying the 'The Highwayman' by Alfred Noyes. This is a fantastic book which uses thrilling poetry to discover the terrible fate that befalls the Highwayman and his sweetheart Bess! We will use this text to help us create character descriptions and first person recounts. Towards the end of the term, we will then have a focus on media Literacy and design our own ghost stories! 

This term in Science, Miss Desanj will be investigating electricity. During this topic, the children will create their own electronic games, investigate which factors influence electricity and practise designing their own circuits. 

Numeracy will cover a wide range of objectives over the term. We will begin by looking at decimals and percentages as their own topics and then move onto finding equivalences between fractions, decimals and percentages before applying these facts into problems. After this, we will look at the topic of position and direction which will see the children finding missing coordinates on unnumbered graphs, carrying out reflections and translating shapes. Following this, our focus area will be all things algebra! Towards the end of the half term, we will look at converting units of measure and begin our topic of area, perimeter, volume and capacity which we will then continue with after the Easter break.

We are very lucky to have Miss Hiles teach Spanish to Year 6 on a Tuesday, a specialist music teacher work with us on a Thursday and Mr Clarke teaching PE to us on a Friday. In Spanish, we are currently working on using the correct grammar (both spoken and written) to describe our hobbies. In music, we are looking at different musical compositions with a particular focus on rap and song mash-ups! In PE, we are currently focusing on our football skills.

 Ingrow School states that Year Six are to be set two and a half-hours homework a week. Kestrel Class homework, which will be based on current learning at school, will be set and due in on a Tuesday. If your child requires resources- such as access to the internet to fulfill this- then please speak to me and arrangements can be made for your child to complete their work at school. As part of homework, children will be given weekly spellings that will be issued and tested on a Monday. Your child will also have a reading book. Reading is still a critical skill at this age so please spend time to listen to your child read every day and ask them questions regarding the text to deepen their understanding. Bug club is an excellent resource-don’t forget to remind your children that they have their own personal library on there! Thank you for your support with this.

Below are the words that children in Year 6 are expected to apply correctly into their writing: