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Year 6 Kestrels

Eden Camp trip Tuesday 26th September!

P.E.- Friday 



My name is Mrs Davey and I will be teaching Year Six; we are also very lucky to have Mr Balmer as our Teaching Assistant. On the afternoons, when I am out of class, Miss Desanj will be teaching in Year 6.

This term our topic is Woeful WWII. During this topic we will look at how and why the war started, the effect on children both from England and other countries and in-depth focus on the Blitz and the D-day landings. Children will design and make their own Anderson shelter, learn how to sew as part of our ‘make do and mend’ campaign, take part in some gardening in our ‘dig for victory’ sessions and in ICT, the children will be creating their own static webpages about their research on WWII.


In English we will be studying the novel ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’ and move onto ‘Blitz cat’ after the half term. Our first project in Literacy will allow the children to revise their Year 5 objectives before they become fully immersed in the Year 6 curriculum so to support their transition.


This term in Science we will be looking at living things, classification and evolution. We will be learning the seven life processes of MRS GREN, the key differences between vertebrate groups, what a fossil is and how they’re created, understand how living organisms are classified, create our own branched key system, research famous pioneers in evolution, understand the survival of the fittest as well as conducting an experiment about the dirtiest door handle in school. We will take a look into the lives of historic scientist such as Mary Anning, Alexander Flemming and Charles Darwin.


Numeracy will cover a wide range of objectives over the term with key focuses on the four written methods for calculations, understanding place value, rounding, multiplying, geometry, movement and positioning of shapes and fractions. Reasoning and problem solving with be interwoven throughout. In addition, your child will also practice their passport targets daily. To benefit your child, please ensure they regularly practice their numeracy passport targets so that they are quick and accurate; this will help them in all areas of maths. A certificate will be sent home to inform you of your child’s progress when they achieve their next continent.


We are very lucky to have Miss Hiles teach Spanish to Year 6 and Mr Simons teaching PE. In Spanish we will begin by describing family members using adjectives before moving on to discussing hobbies, personal interests and pets. In PE, Year 6 will start the year with netball and dance. Please ensure your child has a named PE kit consisting of: white t-shirt, shorts, pumps, a warm top and trainers for outdoor PE with them - please speak to me if this is a problem. Children who have long hair will be asked to tie it back during sport and children with pierced ears will be asked to either remove or cover their studs with tape for the well-being of the children.


Ingrow School states that Year Six are to be set two and a half-hours homework a week. Kestrel Class homework, which will be based on current learning at school, will be set and due in on a Monday. If your child requires resources- such as access to the internet to fulfill this- then please speak to me and arrangements can be made for your child to complete their work at school. As part of homework, children will be given weekly spellings that will be issued and tested on a Monday; these will be available on our class webpage. Your child will also have a reading book. Reading is still a critical skill at this age so please spend time to listen to your child read every day and ask them questions regarding the text to deepen their understanding. Bug club is an excellent resource-don’t forget to remind your children that they have their own personal library on there! Thank you for your support with this.


I look forward to meeting you over the forthcoming weeks. If you have any concerns or worries, please feel free to contact me via the office or come and see me in the playground before or after school.