Hello and welcome to the Wise Owls page.


Wise Owls is the name we have given to our nurture group which is run by Mrs. Midgley and Mrs. Maude.

Some children benefit from working in small groups for part of their school day.  The Wise Owls have their very own safe, comfortable room where children can work, play and relax in a home-like environment.

In the mornings our group is made up of Key Stage 1 pupils and our typical routine is:

  • Welcome and circle time.
  • Literacy or numeracy set by their teachers.
  • Breakfast.
  • A nurturing activity such as baking, painting, playing games, gardening, sewing, free play or listening to a story.

We work closely with class teachers to ensure that we meet the needs of individual children and help them to progress with their work and develop confidence and self-esteem.

Our breakfast time is an ideal opportunity to develop speaking and listening skills, taking turns, teaching correct manners and sharing news with each other.

Key Stage 2 children regularly join us for afternoon activities and workshops.

If you would like to see the Wise Owls’ room you would be very welcome to come and have a look around.  Just ask for Mrs. Midgley or Mrs. Maude.

Nurture Group Quality Award


Our nurture group has recently been awarded the 'nurture group quality award'.

Helen Stollery visited the Wise Owls on the 10th of July and was amazed and impressed when she walked into the room! She found that Mrs Midgely and Mrs Maude had created a bright, airy and friendly environment, where children can come and feel safe and know that their needs are being met by members of staff. Our Headteacher Mrs Vinnicombe, told Helen that nurture was at the centre of everything that goes on at school, and that all teachers have calming areas of their classrooms for children to use. In addition a recent (2012) OFSTED report states that that the work of the Wise Owls nurture group makes an excellent contribution to supporting pupils who may sometimes have difficulty managing their emotions and behaviour. 

All at Ingrow Primary School are extremely proud of our successful Wise Owls Nurture group and congratulate them on  earning this prestigious award!