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The internet is a wonderful place for both adults and children; it is rich with knowledge and facts. However, as adults we are more aware than our children of the risks and dangers that the internet can have. We aim to work in partnership with parents, carers, governors and communities to ensure we educate and provide the best eSafeguarding education as possible.

Working closely with local and national organisations, Staff and Governors at Ingrow Primary believe that educating pupils from an early age, using child-friendly, age=appropriate content will reduce the risks that they may put themselves in and make them feel equipped and confident to access the internet safely.

Remember, it is not the child's fault if some things get out out of hand online; we encourage all children to speak to a trusted adult at home if something upsets them or makes them feel uncomfortable. If you feel as though you would like some support from school to help deal with an incident please feel free to contact a member of the school eSafeguarding team:

Mrs Vinnicombe, Mrs Campbell, Mrs Murphy,

Miss Fraser or Mrs Dykes.

If something gets out of hand, report it! You can make a difference by clicking on the report abuse button     




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As parents, it is vital to have good, open communication with your

child about their online lives. Like any other aspects of their lives, we

need to talk to our children about the potential dangers that they

may come across as well as the many benefits.