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Behaviour agreement

Core Beliefs 

The core beliefs of Ingrow Primary School are that:

We believe that self-esteem affects all thinking and behaviour and impacts on learning and performance.  We aim to provide the highest standard of education within a framework of high expectations about work and behaviour.  Being the best that you can be means 

* Always working hard

* Being polite and respectful

* Following school rules

* Working cooperatively with others


* We aim to provide a calm, purposeful and happy atmosphere within school where all achievements are valued.

* We aim to have a consistent approach to behaviour throughout the school by providing clear boundaries for acceptable and unacceptable behaviour. 

* We ensure that all adults will be welcoming and positive at each session and model a positive, caring attitude and appropriate behaviour in the class and around the school

* We develop good relationships with pupils by listening to and taking a personal interest in pupils.

* We celebrate personal achievements to develop self esteem and encourage increasing independence so that each child learns to accept responsibility for their own behaviour.

* We teach children to accept and appreciate differences by teaching social and life skills that enable children to develop independence and self discipline.

* We have a systematic and positive approach to recognising appropriate behaviour

* We provide clear boundaries by having a clear set of rules and consequences understood by all

* We share the rules, routines, rewards, sanctions with pupils, parents, all staff and governors

* We provide support from the senior management team to ensure ‘rules’, ‘sanctions’. And rewards are implemented

* We monitor the implementation of positive and negative consequences and communication with parents.

* We encourage and value parental involvement and co-operation.

* We inform parents early about their child’s behaviour in a constructive way in order to work in partnership to improve behaviour.

* We welcome parents who wish to discuss their own child’s behaviour with school.

* We provide additional and different behaviour support and guidance for pupils with specific needs

* We identify early those pupils with behavioural, emotional and social difficulties and provide support through IEP’s and the Nurture Group.

Fixed-term and permanent exclusions

Only the head-teacher has the power to exclude a child from school.  They may exclude a pupil for one or more fixed periods, for up to 45 days in any one school year.  They may also exclude a pupil permanently.  It is also possible to convert a fixed-term exclusion into a permanent exclusion, if the circumstances warrant this.

If a child is excluded, parents will be informed immediately and given reasons for the exclusion.  At the same time, the head-teacher makes it clear to the parents that they can appeal against the decision to the governing body.  The school informs the parents how to make any such appeal.

The head-teacher informs the Local Education Authority (LEA) and the Governing Body about any permanent exclusion, and about any fixed-term exclusions beyond five days in any on term.

The governing body itself cannot either exclude a child or extend the exclusion period made by the head-teacher.

The Governing Body has a discipline committee whose role is set out in strict guidelines whenever a child is excluded from school.