To Nursery:

At present children are eligible to start the nursery class when they are 3 years old. To register for a place in our nursery, please contact the school office on 01535 603868.  Parents are informed when there is a vacancy. 


We hope that each child will spend at least one term in the nursery class and possibly more.   The main aim of the nursery class is to provide a secure environment in which children can experience a wide range of play activities designed to stimulate their learning and prepare them for entry into main school.


To Mainstream School:

From September 1997, in accordance with the LEA’s Admission Policy, there has been one main intake, i.e. in September.   Parents and new admissions are invited one morning in June to look round the school and meet the staff.  All children from the Nursery class spend several sessions in their “new” classes before entering mainstream school.

For more information, please click the link below.

Bradford Schools Admissions

Parents are informed that they should contact the LA to find out more about admissions to Community schools as Long Lee follows LA guidelines.